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Miss Oops Brings Us The Boob Tube

Every woman has a gorgeous, sexy top that she’d LOVE to show off at the office or a family party, but it shows a bit *too much* of the girls. So it sits collecting dust in a drawer.
Camisoles never look right underneath these kinds of tops because the extra bulk just isn’t flattering. (“Is that an extra stomach you’ve got underneath there, or are you just happy to see me..?)
So you can imagine how excited I was come across this new product from Miss Oops – the Boob Tube.
What it is: A 95% rayon / 5% spandex bandeau that fits right over the boobs, so you can conceal that peeking cleavage without adding a whole extra layer to your outfit.
The boob tubes come in a rainbow of shades – and at $25 a pop, they’re seemingly pricey for such a small amount of fabric – but you’ll no doubt get a ton of wear out of them for a long time to come.
Our only question: Why didn’t we think of this before?
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  • Anonymous on January 1, 2010

    They are all sold out in a small black right now. Darn!

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