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A Definite Way To Tell If Boobs Are Fake


Someone has finally figured out a way to definitely tell if boobs are fake.

That someone is Shauvon from The Real World; the one who burst her implant doing a stunt for the show.

This little science experiment involves a flash light and a dark room.

Apparently, if you put a flashlight right up under a breast in a dark room, a fake implant will glow Halloween orange.

So of course I HAD to immediately try this to see if it’s true.

A dark room, a flash light and 15 seconds later – my boob was lit up like a Jack-o-Lantern.


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  • Clara on January 21, 2010

    Lol, I think it’s so funny that you tried it. At least now you know that it’s true and not another rumor floating around!

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