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What No One Tells You About Getting A Breast Augmentation

So I was at the gynecologist today getting my yearly women’s wellness exam (fun times!), when my doctor brought up the subject of breast augmentation in a most interesting way.

(Note: She of course does this while my hands are awkwardly up over my head and it feels like she’s kneading dough out of my poor breasts.)

“I only see about 25% of boob jobs that are good, and yours is one of them. I don’t care for 75% of the work I see.”


Now of course I had to jump on that. What’s so wrong with the whopping 75% of boob jobs she doesn’t like?

“They just don’t look or feel right. It’s the wrong type of implant for the woman. The size or shape is wrong, or it’s just not placed right. It doesn’t feel womanly. It feels fake.”

This brings up a real interesting point that I never see addressed in breast augmentation books, articles or websites.

They always tell you to pick a board certified plastic surgeon.

But what they DON’T tell you is that just picking a board certified plastic surgeon doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a good result!

Let me give you a parallel. If you’re hiring a lawyer, you of course want to hire someone who has their law degree and all the proper credentials. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone with a law degree is a GOOD lawyer.

Likewise, when you’re hiring a plastic surgeon, you want to choose from doctors who have the most basic requirement: board certification. But that doesn’t mean that ANY plastic surgeon with board certification is automatically a GOOD plastic surgeon.

This was evidenced by my gynecologist’s next question. “Who is your plastic surgeon? He’s GOOD.”

There’s a bunch of other things you have to look for to make sure you’re hiring a GOOD plastic surgeon.

One of the most important things to research is the doctor’s WORK. Lawyers can be judged by how many cases they win. And plastic surgeons can be judged by their before and after photos.

So say you’re considering a certain plastic surgeon who is board certified and who your girl friend has been to. You need to be on the doctor’s website, checking out every before and after shot posted to make sure the work looks like the type of breast augmentation you want for YOURSELF.

Plastic surgeons have different styles. You need to find a style that suits YOU and YOUR BODY.

If there are only a few photos on the site, ask to see the doctor’s complete patient photo book. Every GOOD plastic surgeon keeps one in the office.

If the doctor doesn’t have one or is reluctant to show you it for whatever reason, BIG RED FLAG. RUN!

If you want to make sure a plastic surgeon is certified with the right board, you can download my FREE report – 5 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Getting A Breast Augmentation. It tells you exactly how to make sure a plastic surgeon is properly certified with all the right credentials. Get it for free at

And if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to choose a GOOD plastic surgeon who will give you the gorgeous breast augmentation you’ve always wanted, be sure to read Chapter 1 of my eBook, The Boob Job Bible: 10 Steps To A Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation.

I tell you exactly what to look for in before and after photos as well as the checklist of things every GOOD plastic surgeon will have.

Remember, the plastic surgeon you choose has the BIGGEST influence on the kind of boob job you’ll end up with.

There’s a lot of both BEAUTIFUL and BAD boob jobs floating around out there, and it almost ALWAYS comes down to the plastic surgeon who put them in.

Choose your plastic surgeon wisely and carefully, or else risk ending up in that bottom 75%.

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