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Lady Gaga Wants Breast Augmentation


Lady Gaga is lusting for a new accessory, and this time, we’re not talking a fire cracker bra or or meat dress.

The pop star was overheard telling a waitress in New York that she was having a serious case of boob job envy while enjoying dinner with her beau, Luc Carl, reports the Daily Star UK.

“I love your boobs! Are they real? I really want to get implants too, I love fake boobs,” Gaga allegedly told the waitress. But the platinum blonde had some reservations. “I’m not sure how Luc would feel about me getting my boobs made bigger,” added the star.

This actually brings up a great point that readers looking to get a boob job often complain to me about: boyfriends and husbands who aren’t down with the idea, and aren’t supportive. It can be really upsetting when your man doesn’t stand behind a major (and exciting) decision like getting a breast augmentation.

It’s confusing, isn’t it? Here you are, wanting to look your best — and chances are, you probably take good care of yourself — eat well, workout, dress well — as many breast augmentation patients tend to do, because they’re concerned with looking their best. Shouldn’t a man be proud to have a woman who takes care of herself as a partner?

The thing is, breast implants cause any insecurities that a man has to boil to the surface — because many fear that a pair of new boobs is going to be followed by an upgrade in a new man too. You can allay these type of fears with a sit-down chat about how the only that will be changing will be your boobs — not your relationship. Just talking about it could be all the comfort he needs to get on board with the idea.

Other times, a guy can just be worried about your safety. There are boob job horror stories all over the internet, newspapers and television — and many people mistakenly believe it’s a dangerous surgery with risky complications and unattractive results. Nothing could be further from the truth of course if you do all your research and make the right choices, but people don’t know that. If this is the case with your man, let him know that you’ve done all the research, and show him pictures of the kind of results you’re going for. People don’t always realize that boob jobs come in more than just one size and shape — and when he sees that you’ve hired a great surgeon and have a specific final look in mind, he’ll probably relax and maybe even become your cheerleader.

And more rarely, the issue could be that your man is just a boob about boob jobs — and an underlying cause like jealousy or controlling behavior that is reflected in other areas of the relationship too comes to a head. In this case, you’ll want to consider cleaning up or moving past the relationship before you get involved with a breast augmentation — so that you’re in a healthy, positive and happy state of mind before you make such a major decision.

And if you’re looking for support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My contact info is on my blog bio page.



  • gabby on October 8, 2010

    and I thought my bf was the only one giving me a hard time!!

  • Dora on November 3, 2010

    She seems like the type to me that might go an exotic location (costa rica, india, etc) to have the breast augmentation done – just for the story/media value.

  • Terry on November 22, 2010

    Some guys may not show support or hesitate at first, but a deep understanding and talk is needed. I am very lucky that my husband understands and he is quite excited about it. He even drove and came in with me at the Los Angeles breast lift cosmetic surgery center. He was very nice that he didn’t mind driving for 2 hours just to get to Los Angeles. Rhinoplasty surgeons there are the best in my opinion.

  • Male Cosmetic Surgery Tips on January 28, 2011

    Women who are considering breast augmentation are not only going to change their lives forever, but will as well bring changes to men in their lives. A lof of men these days consider cosmetic surgery as a great option to look good and feel good. So, to all women out there who wants a boob job, I strongly suggest to go for it, because your man will surely support you!

  • Dennis Rode on March 28, 2011

    Why would they rely on their bf’s point of view if they really want it? Most women who badly want breast augmentation don’t necessarily want it to impress or attract dudes. They do it to gain more confidence. So girls, if you’re up to it, then go ahead, and I assure you they will like it too, afterwards.

  • Anonymous on October 13, 2011

    I think gaga could pull it off!

  • Bettie Comerford on February 17, 2012

    Hmmm… I think Lady Gaga will certainly inspire a lot more people when she gets a boob job. This can certainly promote feeling and looking good, no matter the extent and what others may think. Way to go, Gaga!

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