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Breast Implants Without Anesthesia

The New York Times reported a disturbing trend today: the increase in doctors offering breast augmentation without general anesthesia.

You can read the full story here.

I just read the piece, and I literally dropped everything to put together this potentially life-saving message for you. This is one of the most dangerous games I’ve seen cash-hungry doctors getting away with in this country yet.

The piece features Dr. Robert L. True of Colleyville, Texas as one of more than 100 doctors in the USA who perform breast augmentation under local sedation.

Dr. True is really a gynecologist though. No surprise there. Many non-plastic surgeons are picking up more lucrative work “on the side” since you get paid up front and in full when performing cosmetic surgery, and you don’t have to deal with insurance companies.

Doctors who perform cosmetic surgery on the side often learn how to do the surgery in weekend seminars. Meanwhile, plastic surgeons study breast augmentation for years before they’re allowed to touch a patient all on their own. I can’t tell you how drastic the difference in knowledge and care is between the two camps. It’s literally the difference between taking a weekend course or getting a PHD in a subject.

And I can’t over-emphasize enough how dangerous it is to hire someone who is not a board-certified plastic surgeon to cut into your body with a scalpel.

It’s not worth any amount of savings.

You’ve got one face and one body, not to mention one life – and hiring someone who isn’t qualified to touch you risks all of that.

But I haven’t even shared what Dr. True likes to do with his patients during their breast augmentations.

Dr. True says he actually talks to his patients while they are laying on the table getting sliced up, and even sits them up on the table in a groggy haze so they can take a look at their breasts half way through and choose their size!

Do you have any idea how ‘out of it’ you are when you’ve got all of those narcotics and drugs pumping through your system? And now you’re going to make a decision that will have permanent consequences for your body?

The story doesn’t even touch upon the potential complications a doctor carelessly exposes you to by moving you up and around while operating on your breasts.

I can’t believe a doctor can legally get away with doing this in this country.

There is a tragedy just waiting to happen here. And I don’t want you to be the one who falls susceptible to it.

Heading into your breast augmentation surgery, all implant decisions should already be made. There is no reason to have to pick your size while you’re undergoing the actual surgery.

The only thing your board-certified plastic surgeon should be doing during surgery is concentrating on your safety and the skill of placing the implant properly so that he produces the beautiful results you both agreed on BEFORE the surgery!

I of course go into detail on all the decisions you should make prior to the surgery in The Boob Job Bible.

Take the time to educate yourself and do all your research so that you won’t fall prey to dangerous situations like this one, and so that you can have a safe, gentle experience that produces the gorgeous results that you want.

Please pass this message on to anyone you know considering a breast augmentation so that they’re warned. Let’s all keep one another safe.

  • Anonymous on April 14, 2010

    Thanks for posting this. That is so scary.

  • S J Theodorou on June 29, 2010

    Anesthesia or not, Breast augmentation is no doubt a thoroughly advantageous procedure. However, it carries its own possible risks like ruptures, hematoma, and capsular contraction. A patient must first discuss these risks with the concerned practitioner and only proceed with the procedure if she is sure that the benefits would far outweigh the likely risks.

  • Scar Gel on August 3, 2010

    Hi! I am afraid to undergo breast augmentation. I just want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it? I have a body of a 23 years old but my breasts are like a 12 year old teen. I hope someone will convince me that this is safe.

  • lita on August 11, 2010

    I have been so terrified of all the horror stories I’ve been hearing about that I wanted to be sure about where to go in San Diego Breast augmentation procedure. I saw this site and it answered all my queries.Your Article is very informative too, thank you!

  • Edward Berzin on October 21, 2010

    Thank you for sharing this alarming post! I do agree with you that it’s not worth on saving any amount when your health is at risk. Breast augmentation may be very advantageous, but if done without proper procedures and credible surgeons, it can be life threatening.

  • Plastic surgeon Los Angeles on October 26, 2010

    i completely agree you cant just trust just anyone with a scalpel and a chair. Do your research its very important to make sure that the person who is cutting you up isn’t a weekend

  • Terry Bayer on June 23, 2011

    Are we sure of our plastic surgeons? We have one life, and trusting the wrong person can cost more than one life. Better be sure, maybe your doctor will ask you for a breast implant without anesthesia. Ouch, that hurts!

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