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Boob Job Ban For Minors Coming To Germany

Get this: about 10 percent of all plastic surgery patients in Germany are teenagers under the age of 20 – according to Jens Spahn, the health spokesman for one of Germany’s leading political parties. (The German Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons claims that number is rounded up too high to be accurate.)

“I think it is completely unacceptable to give a 15-year old a breast enlargement as a Christmas present,” he told Der Spiegel. And as such, he’s getting ready to work on a ban on plastic surgery for minors starting next year.

While I agree that teenagers shouldn’t be getting breast augmentation, my reason has less to do with “morals” and everything to do with safety. Women’s breasts don’t reach a “final” size until their 20s, and even after that, factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight gain can still dramatically change your size. Getting a breast augmentation when you’re so young could ultimately end up with a size and shape that you don’t want – so it’s best to wait until after about the age of 21, at minimum!

I however don’t agree with a ban on plastic surgery for minors – there could be compelling emotional and psychological reasons one may want a procedure (like ear pinning or rhinoplasty) at that age, and it should be decided by a board-certified plastic surgeon on a case-by-case basis – not by a flat out ban by government intervention.

What do you think?