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The Holidays: Popular Plastic Surgery Time

Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery is a popular holiday gift. Experts say it’s in due part to being the best time of year for many to undergo the procedures they’ve been wanting.

“Since things tend to slow down workwise in December, the holidays are the perfect time make a tweak and address something that’s been nagging you about your appearance,” says American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery President Edward H. Farrior, MD, FACS. “Holiday breaks offer the downtime you need to rest and recuperate from any procedures, plus the timing allows you to start the New Year fresh.”

So whose getting gifted? According to the survey, two-thirds of the patients are mothers – and most typically in their 40’s.

Whether you’re treating yourself or sharing the gift of beauty with a friend or family member, follow the Academy’s need-to-know tips before selecting a surgeon:

The best patient is informed.  Do your homework on procedures and treatments before visiting the surgeon so you are armed to have an informed conversation when you get there.


When you select a facial plastic surgeon, you’re putting your trust – or loved one – in that physician’s hands. It is imperative that the surgeon you choose is highly credentialed to ensure the best possible outcome. Always select a board-certified surgeon.


While it may be tempting to get a discount on aesthetic procedures, you should always exercise caution with blindly purchasing them. The problem is that it’s potentially dangerous and unethical to sell cosmetic surgery deals without first evaluating the patient. Remember, you don’t want a surgeon who is about the bottom line – but all about your satisfaction and results!