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 Five Crucial Points

In the 113-page The Boob Job Bible, you’ll learn FIVE CRUCIAL POINTS that most breast augmentation patients never learn, or figure out after it’s too late:

1. How to avoid a bad boob job
2. How to get the beautiful results you’re envisioning
3. How to have a comfortable recovery
4. How to find the very best plastic surgeon
5. How to get it right the FIRST time!

And more!

 Save on Costs

In the Save Big On Your Boob Job bonus booklet , you’ll learn several ways to cut breast augmentation costs that have saved many of my readers and myself A LOT of money.

(And, hey – you can use all those savings to buy some sexy new bras!)

And even more!


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My Breast Augmentation Story


Why I Was Terrified Of Getting A Breast Augmentation

Since you’ve found your way here, you’ve most probably been secretly thinking about getting a breast augmentation, just like I did for years!

I finally decided to save up the money for a breast augmentation. And for five years, I researched the subject top to bottom while that pile of money sat in my savings because I would always chicken out right before I picked up the phone to make a consultation appointment. Like you, I had the image of a gorgeous figure in mind – and I would get super excited at the thought of actually being able to have it.

But every time I got serious about breast augmentation and sat down to Google research, I would inevitably stumble across some awful boob job horror story or – even worse – a bad boob job photo. You know the kind I’m talking about. I bet you’re already seen them.

Add the risk of complications to the cost of breast augmentation, and it’s no wonder so many women are too scared to ever take the first step. There’s a scary risk here: ending up with a bad boob job!

The Exciting Truth About Breast Implants

The good news: a beautiful and safe breast augmentation is possible if you do all the research and make all the right decisions.

It took me YEARS to figure out exactly what those decisions are, and what kind of research you need to do in order to protect yourself and get the results you want.

Let’s face it. There’s a load of crap out there on the internet. Misinformation, lies and all kinds of quacks trying to sell you instant, often unsafe and weird solutions.

I’m not here to do that. I’m the first to tell anyone that getting breast implants is a commitment. You don’t just walk into Boobie King, order a Boobie Meal, and walk out with boobs five minutes later.

You have to save the money. Do the research. Make the decisions. And understand there’s a multi-phase breast augmentation recovery to go through before you can begin to enjoy your investment.

How My Life Has Changed

So, what’s life like after a breast augmentation?

I love filling all of my clothes out “naturally” now.  No more wearing underwire push-up bras all day. I no longer worry that something might “slip out” at the worst time, totally mortifying me! I choose any type of top or dress that I want without feeling restricted by designs any more (like ones that only conceal bra straps).

I went from a B cup to a 32D, which appears like a full C cup in person. I can play my chest up or down depending on the environment I’m in and what I’m wearing. And the best part: unless I tell someone about The Boob Job Bible, no one ever suspects I’ve had a breast augmentation, or asks, “are they real?” That was my goal. Yours may be different, and that’s ok!

Overall, I call it mission accomplished 🙂



I had a fantastic experience, am thrilled with my results,
would happily do it all over again –
and I want to share my method with you!


Why Are You Qualified To Write This?

This is an important question that you should ask. I’m a professional beauty journalist by trade, with over 10 years of experience reporting in the beauty and wellness world. I’ve reported for outlets ranging from the TODAY show and NBC New York to magazines like Redbook, Glamour and Brides to websites like, and Yahoo Health. You can read my complete background here: Grace Gold’s bio.

My goal is to give you the best, most unbiased information so you can make the safest and most beautiful choices for yourself – and ultimately get the perfect breast augmentation you’ve been envisioning.

Unlike a lot of breast augmentation websites, I have no personal stake in whether or not you actually get a breast augmentation. I’m only interested in arming you with well-researched information for a safe and sound procedure. And because I’ve gone through the experience myself, I’m able to share tons of personal details – woman-to-woman – that no doctor or website had mentioned in all of my previous research.

If you do all of your homework, you won’t end up as one of those horror shows you’ve seen on Google. And you’ll get all the info you need in one place, much faster than the years it took me to research and finally feel comfortably safe enough to make all my own decisions.

One In Every Two Women Are Disappointed In Their First Breast Augmentation

Why? Many women don’t do the research, don’t ask the right questions and rush into it all too fast without taking the time to really figure out EXACTLY what they want. Once I went through the whole experience myself and ended up with results that I loved, my friends told me – “You HAVE to write a book about your method, Grace!”


More Details on What You’ll Learn in

The Boob Job Bible

(the long version!)
  •   My special guaranteed “trick” to finding the perfect implant size for your body. Follow it exactly, and you’ll end up with the breasts you’ve been envisioning!
  •   The three main reasons women get those serious and scary complications you see on Google (Hint: It RARELY happens “out of the blue,”) and how to avoid them in order to lower your chances of anything going seriously wrong to as small as possible – as well as two things you can do right now to immediately lower your risk.
  •   Are you secretly terrified you’ll never wake up from surgery? Going under general anesthesia is the scariest part of the whole experience for a lot of women. On page 30, I explain the essential question you need to ask to make sure your procedure is as safe as possible, to ease your mind.
  •   Do you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office? I mention something VERY important that boob job patients absolutely need to know about trips to the dentist on page 76. The scary thing is, many plastic surgeons forget to inform their patients of this!
  •   Many patients complain about feeling “dumped” after a plastic surgeon completes the surgery and collects payment. On page 26, I share the essential question you MUST ask your doctor to find out at the consultation if he or she will be there for you during recovery, or leave you to fend for yourself. This is a make-or-break question that can protect you from a high complication risk rate, as most problems occur during the recovery phase right after surgery – when you need a skilled plastic surgeon’s care the most!
  •   Some plastic surgeons are salesman disguised in scrubs. I explain how to instantly recognize this “type,” with a detailed breakdown of the warning signs so that you don’t accidentally hire one to be your doctor, only to end up disappointed and broke.
  •   Are you planning on having children? On page 29, I list the special points you need to consider before choosing your implants, or else risk ending up with heavy, saggy boobs and another costly redo surgery down the road.
  •   Are you wondering if you need a breast lift too? I explain how to know if you REALLY need one (lots of plastic surgeons oversell this procedure to women who don’t really need it $$$), as well as a handy little test to figure out which kind of lift you should consider IF you need one.
  •   Does the thought of getting topless so quickly in a consultation freak you out? On page 15, I list three essential things to consider when choosing a doctor that could mean the difference between feeling horribly awkward or completely at ease and totally ready to put together your dream boob job plan!
  •   How to pick the perfect breast implants that give you the glamorous body you’ve always dreamed of, and how to avoid getting breasts that look mismatched to your body.
  •   Did you know the plastic surgeon you choose is the BIGGEST influence on the kind of breasts you’ll get? I explain how to find and pick the best plastic surgeon who will give you exactly the kind of boob job YOU envision, as well as how to background check any plastic surgeon (it’s quick, easy and FREE.)
  •   What the recovery is REALLY like, and how to prepare for it; it could mean the difference between days or weeks of initial recovery. My handy guide starting on page 91 can even transform the first week after your surgery from painful misery to a relaxing “staycation.”
  •   Want to feel what having breast implants is like in the privacy of your bedroom without having to go to the plastic surgeon’s office just yet? Page 41 reveals an easy way to make your own breast implants at home to try on. Bonus: you most probably already have what you need to do it.
  •   The one thing you should absolutely NOT do under ANY circumstances, or else risk your complication rate soaring by an entire 75% as well as guaranteeing a poorly healed set of scars!
  •   Where you place the implant (over, under, etc) can make or break a good boob job. I explain who the different options are best for, and how to make sure you’re getting the one that will give you the boobs you want.
  •   All you need to know about breast implants, in everyday language (no confusing med-speak!), so you can talk to your plastic surgeon about getting exactly what you want so that he clearly understands what you’re saying and delivers the exact breasts that you want.
  •   I explain exactly what to expect, from the time you’re wheeled into the operating room to the days and weeks afterwards. I’ve been there and done that!
  •   What you should be paying for a boob job, and how to know if you’re getting ripped off – you’ll need the extra money for your new bra wardrobe, so I know you can’t afford to just flush it away.
  •   Doctors can have completely different styles, and you don’t want to go to one who does the kind of boobs you DON’T want. So how can you predict a style? The secret lies in before & after photos, but you need an educated eye. Page 19 reveals how you can figure out a doctor’s specific style just from looking at photos on his or her website.
  •   One of the biggest reasons for a redo is getting the wrong kind of implant fill (saline or silicone) for your body, and many women still remain conflicted about it AFTER they get the boob job! I erase the constant and stressful second-guessing with a self-test to confidently decided whether silicone or saline is best for you.
  •   Are you totally confused by all the incision options you have to choose from? (“Grace! What does that even mean?” Answer: Implants can go in through your nipple, boob crease fold, armpit or bellybutton.) I reveal how to pick the best one for yourself, and what you absolutely MUST ask your doctor if you’re going to get the belly button or arm pit options.
  •   Exactly what to ask at your consultation to make sure you’re hiring the RIGHT doctor and getting the breasts you WANT – along with a printable questionnaire so you don’t forget anything – which is especially easy to do if you’re nervous!
  •   Did you know that you have the majority of control over the potential complications you might get? Pages 71 to 89 explain all the risks and the chance you actually have of getting any of them – but most importantly reveal how to AVOID them and lower your risk to as low as humanly possible; which often means that you have a greater chance of getting into a serious car accident on the way to surgery than you have of getting a serious complication. (Not exactly an uplifting fact – but it’s true!)
  •   What to do in those final moments when you’re wheeled into the operating room, your heart is racing with both nerves and excitement, and your plastic surgeon is drawing on you – it can completely prevent one complication, but 85% of women don’t do it!
  •   The most overlooked part of breast augmentation, and how to make sure you’re involved in this part of the decision-making process – 3 in 5 women aren’t even aware of this before they get a boob job and leave it entirely up to the doctor to decide. Bad idea!
  •   A reader of mine was getting a boob job to even out her lopsided breasts, and the doctor put the wrong sizes in the wrong breasts! Yes, really. But get this – he tried to cover his mistake up by saying that her breasts looked uneven after surgery because of swelling! On page 36, I reveal how to protect yourself from ever landing in a situation like this one.
  •   The NUMBER ONE recovery complaint of breast augmentation patients that most plastic surgeons either breezily mention or don’t talk about at all, and how to prevent it. This could mean the difference between a gentle first few post-op days or a horribly miserable experience. And guess what – I had to suffer through the pain because I didn’t know! But I’ll make sure YOU know all about it so you can prevent it from happening to you. What I would have given to read this one page before my own surgery!
  •   Would you let someone else pick your wedding dress for you? Didn’t think so. Not even the best plastic surgeon should be picking your breast implants for you either. I explain ALL of the decisions involved in getting implants, so that you have control over how your breasts will ultimately look after surgery.
  •   Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an emotional roller coaster ride. You’ll need support. Is your significant other, mom, sister or friend acting weird about your decision to get implants? I explain how to deal with them so they don’t turn your boob job into an unnecessary drama, as well as where to look for amazing (and free!) support if you can’t find it at home.
  •   Dying to know what breast implants would actually look like on your body? In Chapter 3, I reveal how to accurately figure out what you’d look like with bigger breasts – BEFORE you get the boob job, so that you can be absolutely positive that you’re ready to take the plunge!


More Details on What You’ll Learn in

Save Big On Your Boob Job Bonus

(the long version!)

Worldwide, there is currently a 25% re-operation rate for breast augmentation; that means one in four women undergo a SECOND boob job to fix issues with the first one. With the average cost of breast augmentation soaring high world wide, that’s a very expensive mistake to make.

Not only do I want you to get the results you’ve been wanting for so long, I also want you to get the best possible deal too. I didn’t know it at the time, but there’s a bunch of ways to save on the cost of your boob job. I wasted a lot of money I didn’t have to, after finding this out all first-hand. Learn from my mistakes, and save yourself the extra cash:

  •   How much you should pay as a fair price for a breast augmentation.
  •   Exactly how to negotiate your breast augmentation quote so that you can actually walk away with extra money in your pocket (YES, you can).
  •   How to negotiate the price just as effectively if you’re shy and HATE the idea of negotiating ANYTHING – you don’t even have to be face to face with the doctor using this method.
  •   How to immediately save money before ever stepping foot into the office; if you’re not “in” on this industry secret, you could end up paying a surcharge.
  •   Did you know there’s a kind of plastic surgeon who on average costs less yet has the best skills? I reveal the two magic words to look for in a doctor’s resume.
  •   Do you have the money saved or plan on saving the full amount? You can make it work to your advantage! I explain how to get a cash discount EVEN IF the doctor has a “no cash discount” policy.
  •   Have friends or family who are interested in a little nip or tuck? It can save YOU money. I explain how to use it to your advantage.
  •   Do you have a flexible work schedule? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or an independent worker? It can save you big money! I explain how.
  •   A common discount anyone who is a nurse or military member NEEDS to know about.
  •   Why “doubling” up on procedures can not only transform you, but save you more cash and recovery time.
  •   Can’t wait to buy sexy new bras for the new girls? It’s so much fun! But bras can be EXPENSIVE. I reveal clever tricks to save money on your new bra wardrobe.
  •   Why you should NOT finance your boob job, and what to do instead if you don’t have all the cash right now but want breast implants as soon as possible.
  •   Is a payment plan a must for you? Don’t use a credit company and get daylight robbed in the process! I outline how to make an interest-free payment plan with your plastic surgeon.
  •   My amazing money-saving tips that can save you heaps and make your boob job possible much faster. After all, most breast implant patients say, “My only regret is that I didn’t get it done SOONER.”
  •   The few things you should never skimp or go “cheap” on no matter what any friends may tell you, because they affect the quality of your boob job and can lead to disaster.

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New, Updated 2016 Edition!

Only $20 USD

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Written For Readers World Wide

I value your privacy. Your credit card statement will never reference cosmetic surgery. The transaction will say, “Grace Gold Beauty Guide.”