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Heidi Montag Before And After Pictures

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve most likely heard the brouhaha over Heidi Montag’s before and after photos in People magazine this week.
The controversy? The 23 year-old Hills star got a jaw-dropping TEN cosmetic surgery procedures done in one day.

Here’s the grand total list:

-Mini Brow Lift (who lifts a 23 year old’s brows?)

-Botox in Forehead and Frown Area

-Nose Job Revision

-Fat Injections In Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds and Lips
-Chin Reduction
-Neck Liposuction (Now I’ve heard everything)

-Ears Pinned Back

-Breast Augmentation Revision

-Liposuction on Waist, Hips and Inner and Outer Thighs
-Buttock Augmentation

Wow. Can you imagine what that recovery must have felt like?

Most good, board-certified plastic surgeons would refuse to stack that many surgeries into one day; the additional time spent under anaesthesia increases your risk of a serious complication like blood clotting, and it’s difficult to heal properly from so many fresh surgeries at one time.

And another reality check: the “after” photo is an achievement of Photoshop flawlessness; in real life, anytime you cut into the skin – you’ll leave some type of scar. Heidi no doubt has scarring going on here that we’re not seeing.

All that said, I think I’m the only person on the planet who thinks she looks amazing in the “after” shot – except for the cartoonish breast augmentation. I’m willing to bet that Heidi is going to see some complications down the road for choosing such an exaggerated size for her naturally petite frame. She’s asking her skin and tissue to do some pretty impossible things there.

But the funny thing is – I find myself looking at the before and after of her hair style the most out of anything. That sleek blowout looks gorgeous. And you know it only took 20 minutes, a big round brush and a hair dryer to achieve..something anyone can do for free in the privacy of their own bathroom.