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Do Men Like Breast Implants?


According to Psychology Today, two psychologists studied the link between financial security and men’s breast size preferences. Nearly 300 men from different socio-economic backgrounds were asked which breast size they found more attractive when viewing a series of animated women with different breast sizes.

The results: Poorer men tended to pick big breasts while those who were wealthier showed a preference for smaller breasts. Evolutionarily speaking, the study even suggests that women’s breast size acts as a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.” Err, shall we call them boob-diggers?

Graphic Source: Transform Medical Group

5 Facts About Boob Jobs Debunked

(Partner Post, by Claire McPhillimy)

Whether we’re wearing the wrong size bra or showing too much cleavage, when it comes to boobs we’re regularly getting it all wrong – or so we’re told.

But misunderstandings and mistakes aren’t our fault, not when you consider that from the moment puberty hits the only information we get about our breasts is usually gleaned from playground whispers. After all, the relationship we have with our barely developed boobs is kicked off listening to classroom debates about who is or isn’t stuffing their bra and fearful gossip about the dangers of wearing one to bed! Often, we end up carrying these childhood insecurities and mistaken ideas all the way to adulthood.

The Mystery of Boob Jobs

Nowhere is this clearer than the world of boob jobs.

Although 9,652 breast augmentations were performed in the UK last year, for many women going under the knife to boost their bust remains a dream.

One of the biggest reasons is that, like those playground rumors, we’re inundated with false stories and misinformation about what the process entails.

When you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a boob job for a while, separating fact from fiction with the information available is tricky.

And it’s left many of us with unfounded anxieties.

Separating fact from fiction

Don’t get us wrong, you’re right (and sensible!) to ask questions before a surgery.

But lots of your concerns are probably based on “facts” which may be fabrications or fear-mongering exaggerations.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve debunked five of most common myths about boob jobs.

#1: You Can’t Breastfeed Afterward

Women often believe that breastfeeding won’t be possible after a boob job, and delay having one until they’ve finished having kids.

While some surgeries are riskier, like reductions, most women who have implants go on to successfully breastfeed. A respectable surgeon will be willing to talk through all possibilities with you, so don’t be shy about raising any concerns.

#2: The Gym Will Be Off-Limits

Although gym bunnies and sports enthusiasts often worry that implants will ruin their fitness regime, it’s only the recovery process which is majorly effected. You’ll be advised not to exercise at all for the first couple of weeks, and keep it low impact for at least the next couple of weeks.

Yes, it’s a pretty significant break if you’re used to hitting the treadmill five days a week, but after you’re healed up you’ll be able to resume your normal workouts.

#3: Say Goodbye to Underwired Bras

The joy of filling out a new cup size and exploring different lingerie is a big motivation for getting a boob job until someone drops the bombshell that you won’t be able to wear underwired bras afterward.

But it’s only immediately following surgery that you’ll be advised to stick to a non-wired, comfortable bra. Once you’re given the all clear from your surgeon, you’ll be able to wear whatever types of bra you choose.

#4: Everyone Will Know

Post-surgery, some people love their new boobs so much they want to show the results to the world. For others, a natural boost they can keep entirely to themselves is the goal.

The good news is that a subtle look is achievable. A good surgeon will advise you on the correct size, the appropriate placing (above or below the muscles) and the best shape of implant to give you your ideal look.

#5: Visible Scarring Will Be Left Behind

As with all medicine, cosmetic surgery has come a long way. New methods of performing breast enlargements are increasingly effective and scarring isn’t as big an issue as you imagine.

An expert surgeon will assess your individual case first but should be able to hide scars around the areola or in the small crease under your breast. Although you’ll know it’s there, strangers on the street will be none the wiser 🙂

Breast Implants As Holiday Gifts

CNN Money has a feature today on the growing popularity of giving cosmetic surgery – most notably breast augmentation – as a holiday gift.

“Holiday gift giving has become a staple at many cosmetic surgery practices, and the popularity has grown over the last several years, according to Tom Seery, Founder and CEO of, a consumer website for patients considering cosmetic procedures.

Seery said that people are widely more accepting of nips and tucks than they used to be, and the fact that it’s become more mainstream makes people more comfortable admitting they want something done.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 15.1 million people had cosmetic procedures in the U.S. in 2013, up 104% from 2000.

“Because of that, cosmetic surgery is much less of an awkward conversation to have around the dinner table,”Seery said.”

Read the entire story here.

Breast Augmentation Improves Sex Life, Says Survey

Getting a new pair of girls significantly improves your sex life, says a new survey conducted by
Click here for full survey from
Survey highlights to note:
  • Women paid an average of $6,600 for breast augmentation and $10,000 for breast lift.
  • 61 percent of respondents said they had more sex after undergoing breast augmentation, compared with just seven percent who said they have less sex since getting the procedure.
  • 70 percent said their sex life satisfaction improved after getting breast implants.
  • On a scale of one to 10, 28 percent of women with breast implants said their sex life improved by more than four points.
  • 85 percent of women said their breast augmentation was worth it – meaning 8.5 out of 10 patients would do it again if they could. For breast lift, 82 percent of women said it was worth it.

Kush Support

An interesting product pitch involving breasts crossed my desk today.

It actually made me laugh out loud.

Created by doctors, Kush Support is a sleek plastic cylinder meant to provide breast support and comfort while you sleep.

They claim that it’s perfect for breast implants, c-cup or larger girls, side sleepers, post-op recovery, pregnancy and back pain. They also say that it prevents cleavage wrinkles — as if mother nature doesn’t give us enough to worry about on our face and necks!

I haven’t tried the tool myself, but I’m completely intrigued.

I remember when I was healing from my augmentation, sleeping on my side several weeks later still felt very uncomfortable because the new weight of my top breast pulled against gravity, and my tenderly healing skin wasn’t too happy about that.

But if you’re healing from a breast augmentation, be sure to ask your doctor for approval — as with anything else — before you give it a try.

Dare I ask what they’ll think of next?

Hollywood Hating On Breast Implants

Heidi Montag’s cups are currently being traded for smaller chests like Astrid Berges-Frisbey in LA castings.

AOL just asked me to write a story on boob jobs.

Apparently, there’s quite a bit of backlash going on about breast implants – in of all places, Hollywood.

Yep – we’re talking about the town that practically invented the concept of the eternally perky, full breast.

You can read the full story here.

It brings up a very important point that I get asked a ton about: breast implant size.

As you’ll see from the link, women who choose supersized breast implants are often the unfair target of harsh judgments made by other people. These judgments can even limit the possibilities of things you may want for yourself in life – like certain careers and relationships.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that many people think that extra large breasts = dumbed down floozy.

Now I think that’s totally ridiculous, but that’s unfortunately the world we live in.

So when women ask me what size to go with, I always tell them to make sure they’re picking one that works in all facets of their lives – from the professional to the intimate to the fun.

That DD cup that makes your husband go cross-eyed and drop everything may make you feel like you need to button up to your chin while leading a presentation at work.

And Lord knows you’re not shelling out those thousands just so you can walk around looking like a nun!

So you want to be aware of the image you’re projecting, because most human beings — whether it’s wrong or right — will judge the way you ‘package’ yourself.

There are also added complication risks you need to consider when going for an extra large size. Your skin and tissue needs to be able to support it, and it’s often not pretty what an extra large implant will do to your chest tissue after years of gravity and wear and tear.

Plus, a large rack is HEAVY and can get cumbersome and tiring to carry around. I mention in the story that Sharon Osbourne is removing her DD implants this July – and it’s for exactly this reason. She says they get in her way, and she’s tired of lugging them around at the expense of her back.

With all that said, if you still decide that a supersized implant is for you and you have the confidence to carry it off, then I’m totally in support of you getting what you want and enjoying them!

Just remember that you need to be EXTRA vigilant about hiring a fantastic surgeon, because anyone with anything less than the best skills who implants extra large breasts is usually a recipe for disaster and the dreaded botched boob job.

And as for the chatter in the story from casting directors about breast implants being out of vogue in Hollywood – I say sure – maybe for the next five minutes. 🙂

We’re so familiar with this as women. Pointy toed heels are in, then they’re out. Then they’re on the cover of Vogue again, but not before you already sold your old pair on eBay. Damn it.

The truth is, for all the whining people do about how breast implants are fake and terrible and the cause for every ill of humanity, they walk past women with implants every day, and are none the wiser about it.

The average woman asks for a “full C” when getting implants. And no one can tell unless she shares the secret.

Just some food for thought as you contemplate boob jobs!

And remember – The Boob Job Bible is my full guide to everything you need to know to safely get the beautiful breast augmentation you’ve always dreamed of.

I back it with a bullet-proof 30 day money-back guarantee, always.

Breast Implants For Terrorists?


Terrorist plot: Check.

Explosive PETN: Check.

Breast Implants: Check.


Believe it.

Now that the TSA is considering a switch to full-body scanners that leave nothing to the imagination, it’s possible that would-be terrorists could conceal explosive materials in unscannable areas like breast implants, says Elan Singer in his article.

According to Singer, all a terrorist would need to set off bomb material implanted in breasts – or any other fleshy body part like thighs for that matter – is a liquid accelerant that could be injected with a pen.

The point of this hypothetical situation? Sanger is suggesting that new full-body scanner searches will just push terrorists to start implanting explosive materials within the body – making all of us even less safe with nothing to show for it other than a longer wait in security check point lines.

Who would have ever thought..?

America’s Most Expensive NYE’s Package Includes Boobs


You know how every once in awhile, a dying restaurant comes out with an outrageous 10 pound burger or some other such instant artery-clogging dish in order to get free publicity and intrigued customers to come through the door?

It looks like desperate plastic surgeons are turning to the same measure.

New York Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg is offering the ultimate “new you” for New Year’s: Three tables at a New Year’s Eve Lady Gaga and John Legend concert, round-trip first class tickets from NYC to Miami with a choice of 5 star penthouse rooms in South Beach for a month with a chauffeured Rolls Royce, AND a pair of new breasts – as reported by Asian News International.

The boob job comes with a 24-hour care nurse and unlimited spa treatments.

The cost for all of the above?

A cool $100K.

While some (wealthy) women prefer their plastic surgery to come in pampered packages, you can’t lose sight of the fact that a breast augmentation is a serious surgery that you have to make sure you REALLY want before you even consider going there.

It’s not like a pretty dress you buy in the store; you can’t just take it off if you find that it doesn’t “fit” you quite right.

So while anyone can check out a concert, penthouse suite and ride in a Rolls Royce convertible (um, sign me up for that one!), not everyone is a candidate for breast augmentation.

If you know exactly what you want, what the risks are, what the recovery entails, and have done all your research on the best implant fit for you…then knock yourself out.

But if you none of the above applies to you, you could end up not only very disappointed – but with a bad boob job to boot.

Lesson: Do your homework first. Get beautiful boobs second.

Man Wants Payment For Ex-Wife’s Breast Implants

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, here’s a new one for you.

In the current Isaacson v. Isaacson case brewing in North Dakota, Erik Isaacson is claiming that the value of his ex-wife Traci’s $5,500 breast implants should count as a mutual asset. And get this: he’s saying the same for her $1,000 lasik eye surgery.

(Why do I get the funny feeling that someone cheated on someone else here..?)

So how did the judge react?

“Absolutely nonsense. I can’t imagine people would actually waste time thinking that breast implants are marital assets. It just defies common sense. I don’t know how you would expect me to award breast implants, if you want me to have them cut out and given to Mr. Isaacson,” said South Central District of North Dakota Judge Robert Wefald.

During proceedings last week, Justice Daniel Crothers asked Isaacson’s attorney, “Do we have any lines to be drawn? Is a hip replacement a marital asset?”

In return, Isaacson’s attorney argued that medical expenses should be considered marital assets when they are “clearly cosmetic, elective, non-necessary.”

I think these folks need to pack their bags and head over to Judge Judy.

What do you think?

"Every Day" Women Get Breast Implants Too!

I was having lunch with a girl friend recently when she told me that she had just been asked to be a bridesmaid at her cousin’s Bermuda wedding.

But here’s the good part. Her cousin managed to pick out dresses in the kind of loud fucshia floral print you would wear as a costume on Halloween if you were going as an 80’s bridesmaid. And – according to my girl friend – the strapless style makes her look “flatter than a panini sandwich.” Her words.

So we had a breast-enhancing brainstorming session that included everything from Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Convertible Bras to cleavage cupcakes and bronzing in between her breasts to trick the eye into seeing more depth there. If only men knew!

And then my girl friend told me – “You’re so LUCKY – you’re just naturally blessed!”

Um, not quite..

I broke the news that I wasn’t always a D cup diva. Actually, I’m a former 34B.

“No way! But those don’t look like STRIPPER T-TS!” she shrieked a little too loudly for an intimately packed restaurant in midtown at 1pm.

No, these babies aren’t stripper boobs. And far less augmentations than you think actually are.

So many women out there want enhancement, but what holds them back is the fear that they’ll end up looking like a floozy cartoon pinup. The kind that men don’t take seriously.

The truth is, the MAJORITY of breast augmentations today are had by every day women. I’m talking teachers, lawyers, nurses, real estate agents – stay-at-home Moms.

You just don’t notice the more subtle versions because they don’t call out for your ATTENTION.

The good news: you can have control over the kind of breast augmentation you get, including a boob job that subtly fills out your clothing and makes you feel and look incredibly sexy without raising the eyebrows of co-workers, your hair stylist or your mother-in-law.

But there’s a BIG CATCH: You need to know WHO to hire as your plastic surgeon, HOW to figure out what the perfect size is for your frame, and EXACTLY WHAT to ask for.

Without these ESSENTIAL steps, you could risk ending up with the kind of supersized big breasts that are keeping you from taking the plunge in the first place.

To learn how to get the perfect sized breast augmentation for you, be sure to read Chapter 3 of my eBook, The Boob Job Bible; 10 Steps To A Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation.

If you have NO CLUE what size you want to be, I give you a step-by-step guide on how to figure out it and get it right – the first time!

And hey – you might decide that bigger IS better. Just remember that the bigger the implant, the higher the complication risk. Read Chapter 7 to learn how to dramatically reduce your complication risks, as well as what special things you need to consider if you do go bigger.

Unfortunately, I can’t help with ugly bridesmaid dresses..

The Before & After Photo Obsession

Check out the before and after photos of Heidi Montag’s breast augmentation.
Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Now regardless of whether you think she looks cuter before or after, one thing is for sure: us ladies LOVE studying before and after pictures! Men do too, but I think most women sit and critique for much longer.

I’m trying to figure out why that is. Is it because we enjoy seeing the “potential” for more aesthetically pleasing change in someone? Are we looking for “ideas” for ourselves? Are we just BORED?

I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh, and methinks that the boobs aren’t the ONLY thing that has changed for Ms. Montag..check out the subtle transformation of the nose and lips too!

The Boob Job Bible


Hasn’t every woman at some point wondered what it would be like to have a boob job?

An augmentation. A lift. Or maybe a (gasp!) reduction.

Boobs are so much a part of being a woman that it’s hard to NOT think about them, isn’t it?

Well, after years of THINKING about it – I finally took the plunge.

I got a boob job!

Best gift I’ve given myself. EVER! It’s like a TRANSFORMATION.

For the curious, these are the three most surprising facts I learned during my years of research:
-Breast implants aren’t lifetime devices. Manufacturers say those babies only last about 10-15 years. Have some women out there kept them longer? Definitely. But it’s a surgery you have to be prepared to repeat down the road if you get one. Maybe even multiple times.

-There’s two kinds of implants: saline (water) and silicone. But even the saline implant has a silicone rubber shell. So either way, you’re putting silicone inside of you.

-Your new boobs can take anywhere from 6 weeks to about six months to settle down! They start out “high” up on your chest because your muscles tighten in response to the surgery. Once the boobs “drop,” they look more naturally shaped. The dropping process sometimes even makes you gain more cup size since your muscles settle their grip on your implants. So if you want your new girls to look fab for a particular event or day, plan FAR ahead in advance!

For the ladies out there who are more curious (you did find your way to this blog didn’t you?) and maybe even think they may take the plunge one day, here’s everything you need to know.