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Now You Can Try On Boob Jobs With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming – now, plastic surgeons are beginning to use 3D plastic surgery simulators so you can “try on” a breast augmentation!

The software can help you see what a round implants would look like as opposed to a tear drop one, what the implant would look like under the muscle versus above, and what different sizes would look like on your frame.

Read more about it in the New York Post story here.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

For Women’s Health, I explore the basics of what you need to know about fat transfer for the breasts, face and butt. Since you’re using your own fat, people also call this natural plastic surgery. But did you know that you can’t really gain more than one cup size in your boobs if you go this route? Check out the story to learn more.

5 Things You Need To Know About Natural Plastic Surgery – Grace Gold for Women’s Health

(Photo above is courtesy of Dr. Parham Ganchi; it shows a butt augmentation fat transfer from the stomach)

Do Men Like Breast Implants?


According to Psychology Today, two psychologists studied the link between financial security and men’s breast size preferences. Nearly 300 men from different socio-economic backgrounds were asked which breast size they found more attractive when viewing a series of animated women with different breast sizes.

The results: Poorer men tended to pick big breasts while those who were wealthier showed a preference for smaller breasts. Evolutionarily speaking, the study even suggests that women’s breast size acts as a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.” Err, shall we call them boob-diggers?

Graphic Source: Transform Medical Group

5 Facts About Boob Jobs Debunked

(Partner Post, by Claire McPhillimy)

Whether we’re wearing the wrong size bra or showing too much cleavage, when it comes to boobs we’re regularly getting it all wrong – or so we’re told.

But misunderstandings and mistakes aren’t our fault, not when you consider that from the moment puberty hits the only information we get about our breasts is usually gleaned from playground whispers. After all, the relationship we have with our barely developed boobs is kicked off listening to classroom debates about who is or isn’t stuffing their bra and fearful gossip about the dangers of wearing one to bed! Often, we end up carrying these childhood insecurities and mistaken ideas all the way to adulthood.

The Mystery of Boob Jobs

Nowhere is this clearer than the world of boob jobs.

Although 9,652 breast augmentations were performed in the UK last year, for many women going under the knife to boost their bust remains a dream.

One of the biggest reasons is that, like those playground rumors, we’re inundated with false stories and misinformation about what the process entails.

When you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a boob job for a while, separating fact from fiction with the information available is tricky.

And it’s left many of us with unfounded anxieties.

Separating fact from fiction

Don’t get us wrong, you’re right (and sensible!) to ask questions before a surgery.

But lots of your concerns are probably based on “facts” which may be fabrications or fear-mongering exaggerations.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve debunked five of most common myths about boob jobs.

#1: You Can’t Breastfeed Afterward

Women often believe that breastfeeding won’t be possible after a boob job, and delay having one until they’ve finished having kids.

While some surgeries are riskier, like reductions, most women who have implants go on to successfully breastfeed. A respectable surgeon will be willing to talk through all possibilities with you, so don’t be shy about raising any concerns.

#2: The Gym Will Be Off-Limits

Although gym bunnies and sports enthusiasts often worry that implants will ruin their fitness regime, it’s only the recovery process which is majorly effected. You’ll be advised not to exercise at all for the first couple of weeks, and keep it low impact for at least the next couple of weeks.

Yes, it’s a pretty significant break if you’re used to hitting the treadmill five days a week, but after you’re healed up you’ll be able to resume your normal workouts.

#3: Say Goodbye to Underwired Bras

The joy of filling out a new cup size and exploring different lingerie is a big motivation for getting a boob job until someone drops the bombshell that you won’t be able to wear underwired bras afterward.

But it’s only immediately following surgery that you’ll be advised to stick to a non-wired, comfortable bra. Once you’re given the all clear from your surgeon, you’ll be able to wear whatever types of bra you choose.

#4: Everyone Will Know

Post-surgery, some people love their new boobs so much they want to show the results to the world. For others, a natural boost they can keep entirely to themselves is the goal.

The good news is that a subtle look is achievable. A good surgeon will advise you on the correct size, the appropriate placing (above or below the muscles) and the best shape of implant to give you your ideal look.

#5: Visible Scarring Will Be Left Behind

As with all medicine, cosmetic surgery has come a long way. New methods of performing breast enlargements are increasingly effective and scarring isn’t as big an issue as you imagine.

An expert surgeon will assess your individual case first but should be able to hide scars around the areola or in the small crease under your breast. Although you’ll know it’s there, strangers on the street will be none the wiser 🙂

World Boob Map Shows Average Breast Size By Country

Well, there you have it – a map put out by German newspaper Bild that purports to show the average breast cup size by country.

So where will you find the largest breasts in the world? Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway all weigh in at an average “greater than D cup” – though the United States, Venezuela and Columbia all factor close behind, with average D cups.

Meanwhile, the most petite bustlines can be found in Africa and Eastern Asia.

While this likely isn’t the most scientific map (we don’t know if they factored breast augmentations into the average size, though by the looks of it, my guess is they did), it does help give you an idea of which cultures may influence the desire to have a certain breast cup size.

Breast Augmentation Tops Year’s Procedures

The numbers are in for most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in 2012, and breast augmentation has topped the charts!

The Wall Street Journal covered the news in a recent story, Once Banned, Silicone Breast Implants Make A Comeback.

The WSJ is of course talking about the USA market, which banned silicone implants for years amid safety concerns that mostly had to do with leaking implants and patient health.

But the rest of the world has been continuing to buy silicone implants, with saline rarely an option anywhere else.

People often ask me if I think silicone breast implants are safe. The answer is truly different for every woman, and depends on her comfort level with the idea of silicone.

I personally chose saline implants when I made the decision years ago because peace of mind was important to me. I also liked the saline had a lower incidence rate of capsular contracture, the most common potential complication of breast augmentation that results in hardened breasts.

Yet silicone continues to evolve, and today’s offerings are better than ever before. The safety, feel, and potential lifetime of the implants have all vastly improved – and the next time I have to make the choice, I may consider silicone!

If you’re still trying to decide between silicone and saline, be sure to read Chapter 4 of my eBook, The Boob Job Bible: How To Get A Safe, Sexy Breast Augmentation. I make the choice simple, and dependent on the things that are most important to YOU.

Breast Augmentation Improves Sex Life, Says Survey

Getting a new pair of girls significantly improves your sex life, says a new survey conducted by
Click here for full survey from
Survey highlights to note:
  • Women paid an average of $6,600 for breast augmentation and $10,000 for breast lift.
  • 61 percent of respondents said they had more sex after undergoing breast augmentation, compared with just seven percent who said they have less sex since getting the procedure.
  • 70 percent said their sex life satisfaction improved after getting breast implants.
  • On a scale of one to 10, 28 percent of women with breast implants said their sex life improved by more than four points.
  • 85 percent of women said their breast augmentation was worth it – meaning 8.5 out of 10 patients would do it again if they could. For breast lift, 82 percent of women said it was worth it.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of A Breast Augmentation

Usually, the one thing holding women back from getting the breast augmentation they’ve always wanted is FEAR.

It’s exceedingly common to be afraid of many things, some of which are:

-the surgery/anesthesia
-pain and recovery
-potential complications
-getting a bad boob job
-needing more surgery down the road

But there’s good news. One factor – the plastic surgeon you choose – can basically wipe that whole slate of fears clean if you make an excellent choice.

That means finding a surgeon who is board-certified, has numerous before and after photos showing his/her beautiful aesthetic skills and abilities, takes the time to give you personal attention and care, listens to what you have to say, as well as your fears and concerns, and operates a first-rate and spotlessly clean facility with a board-certified anesthesiologist and friendly staff.

In fact, if you hire a good surgeon, a breast augmentation is one of the most routine and safest cosmetic surgeries you can have.

The crucial sticking point? You’ve got to do your homework, and pick the right plastic surgeon.

What To Know About Breast Augmentation

Today, I’m featuring a guest post by Cindy Roten, who has some great insight on what you need to know if you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation. Enjoy!
What To Know About Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation raises a number of very important questions for the person considering it.
If you’re the surgery, you’ll want to know which surgeon to pick, which specific procedure is best for you, and, most importantly, what your breasts will look like once the surgery has been performed.
Fortunately, online sources like are chock full of info that can answer many of your most common questions.In the meantime, however, here are a few things to know before heading in to meet with your surgeon.
  • First, you should know (because many people don’t realize it) that breast augmentation is not only about enlarging breasts. These days, surgeons can reduce and enlarge breasts, re-shape, even out or reconstruct them. So, while you probably already know which of these types of procedures you would like done, you may want to consider the range of options available to you.
  • Today, your breast augmentation does not have to depend on guesswork. Not long ago, it was up to a woman and her doctor to decide what size and shape to aim for in the surgery, and the result would not be previewed before surgery. However, while it is obviously impossible to get a completely literal preview of what your breasts will look like following surgery, there are tools available now that allow women to view very close approximations of what their new breasts will look like. These sizing indicators can be very helpful in ensuring that you’re thrilled with your results.
  • You’ll also want to carefully consider the recovery phase before undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, so that you can plan around it. It’s not as simple as having an operation, removing the bandages, and going about your day. You will likely need to be inactive for a period of time (typically anywhere from 5 to 10 days depending on what procedures you have done). Whatever the case, it is of vital importance that you follow your surgeon’s directions for recovery, to make sure that your breasts heal correctly, and you end up with the beautiful results you want.
There is plenty of information available on the Internet if you want to know more, or if you have specific questions about your breast augmentation surgery. However, these few basic points should help to get you started. The good news is, breast augmentation today is a very precise surgery, and if you make the right decisions, it should go exactly the way you want it to.


Breast Augmentation: A Reader Speaks Out

Today, I’m excited to feature a guest post by Constance, a reader who has overcome her fears and reservations about surgery, and gone on to have a breast augmentation that she loves. Here’s her story.
My Boob Job: Making The Decision
I had been toying with the idea of getting a breast augmentation for at least 20 years before I finally decided to go for it!
But I didn’t always think I would get a boob job. When I was a teenager, I decided firmly against getting any enhancements – even though I was always self-conscious about my smaller B cup. Then I went to college in California, land of the beautiful bodies.
I continued to think about getting larger breasts. This went on for years, and through two marriages. I always felt less than adequate inside.
But then, I had a huge A-HA moment. I was having lunch with my best friend and an acquaintance of hers. At one point, this woman said to me, “I used to be as flat as you before I got my boob job.”
Well, I decided right then and there that no one was going to call me flat again!
(Why are women so sensitive and take it so much more personally when other women critique their appearance, than when other men do? But that’s a whole other topic…)
Anyway, I finally made the decision to just do it!
I was approaching 40, and had just been through a rough divorce, and wanted to start my new life with a new body. Not only did I want the breast augmentation, I was also interested in getting a tummy tuck. I had had two Caesarian sections for the birth of my daughters, and no amount of sit-ups would tighten my tummy pouch.
Now came the difficult decision of choosing the right doctor. I went with Dr. Christine Stiles and her specialty Mommy Makeover, so I could get a breast augmentation and tummy tuck at the same time. Dr. Stiles is a female plastic surgeon in Frisco, Texas, where I reside. It was really important for me personally to select a woman surgeon, because it made me feel more comfortable and at ease.
I’m thrilled with my results, and only wish I had done it sooner!


Lady Gaga Wants Breast Augmentation


Lady Gaga is lusting for a new accessory, and this time, we’re not talking a fire cracker bra or or meat dress.

The pop star was overheard telling a waitress in New York that she was having a serious case of boob job envy while enjoying dinner with her beau, Luc Carl, reports the Daily Star UK.

“I love your boobs! Are they real? I really want to get implants too, I love fake boobs,” Gaga allegedly told the waitress. But the platinum blonde had some reservations. “I’m not sure how Luc would feel about me getting my boobs made bigger,” added the star.

This actually brings up a great point that readers looking to get a boob job often complain to me about: boyfriends and husbands who aren’t down with the idea, and aren’t supportive. It can be really upsetting when your man doesn’t stand behind a major (and exciting) decision like getting a breast augmentation.

It’s confusing, isn’t it? Here you are, wanting to look your best — and chances are, you probably take good care of yourself — eat well, workout, dress well — as many breast augmentation patients tend to do, because they’re concerned with looking their best. Shouldn’t a man be proud to have a woman who takes care of herself as a partner?

The thing is, breast implants cause any insecurities that a man has to boil to the surface — because many fear that a pair of new boobs is going to be followed by an upgrade in a new man too. You can allay these type of fears with a sit-down chat about how the only that will be changing will be your boobs — not your relationship. Just talking about it could be all the comfort he needs to get on board with the idea.

Other times, a guy can just be worried about your safety. There are boob job horror stories all over the internet, newspapers and television — and many people mistakenly believe it’s a dangerous surgery with risky complications and unattractive results. Nothing could be further from the truth of course if you do all your research and make the right choices, but people don’t know that. If this is the case with your man, let him know that you’ve done all the research, and show him pictures of the kind of results you’re going for. People don’t always realize that boob jobs come in more than just one size and shape — and when he sees that you’ve hired a great surgeon and have a specific final look in mind, he’ll probably relax and maybe even become your cheerleader.

And more rarely, the issue could be that your man is just a boob about boob jobs — and an underlying cause like jealousy or controlling behavior that is reflected in other areas of the relationship too comes to a head. In this case, you’ll want to consider cleaning up or moving past the relationship before you get involved with a breast augmentation — so that you’re in a healthy, positive and happy state of mind before you make such a major decision.

And if you’re looking for support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My contact info is on my blog bio page.



Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

The thought of swapping out extra fat from your tummy or thighs to your breasts sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

The technique is called breast augmentation fat transfer.

And while it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, it’s a technique that more and more plastic surgeons are experimenting with today!

One important thing: This technique is in the experimental phase, so I don’t advise that you try to find a plastic surgeon who will perform this on you right now.

But it’s a super interesting technique that you may be able to safely consider a little further down the road, once they’ve completed more tests to make sure everything is kosher. READ MORE.

Kush Support

An interesting product pitch involving breasts crossed my desk today.

It actually made me laugh out loud.

Created by doctors, Kush Support is a sleek plastic cylinder meant to provide breast support and comfort while you sleep.

They claim that it’s perfect for breast implants, c-cup or larger girls, side sleepers, post-op recovery, pregnancy and back pain. They also say that it prevents cleavage wrinkles — as if mother nature doesn’t give us enough to worry about on our face and necks!

I haven’t tried the tool myself, but I’m completely intrigued.

I remember when I was healing from my augmentation, sleeping on my side several weeks later still felt very uncomfortable because the new weight of my top breast pulled against gravity, and my tenderly healing skin wasn’t too happy about that.

But if you’re healing from a breast augmentation, be sure to ask your doctor for approval — as with anything else — before you give it a try.

Dare I ask what they’ll think of next?

Breast Implants Without Anesthesia

The New York Times reported a disturbing trend today: the increase in doctors offering breast augmentation without general anesthesia.

You can read the full story here.

I just read the piece, and I literally dropped everything to put together this potentially life-saving message for you. This is one of the most dangerous games I’ve seen cash-hungry doctors getting away with in this country yet.

The piece features Dr. Robert L. True of Colleyville, Texas as one of more than 100 doctors in the USA who perform breast augmentation under local sedation.

Dr. True is really a gynecologist though. No surprise there. Many non-plastic surgeons are picking up more lucrative work “on the side” since you get paid up front and in full when performing cosmetic surgery, and you don’t have to deal with insurance companies.

Doctors who perform cosmetic surgery on the side often learn how to do the surgery in weekend seminars. Meanwhile, plastic surgeons study breast augmentation for years before they’re allowed to touch a patient all on their own. I can’t tell you how drastic the difference in knowledge and care is between the two camps. It’s literally the difference between taking a weekend course or getting a PHD in a subject.

And I can’t over-emphasize enough how dangerous it is to hire someone who is not a board-certified plastic surgeon to cut into your body with a scalpel.

It’s not worth any amount of savings.

You’ve got one face and one body, not to mention one life – and hiring someone who isn’t qualified to touch you risks all of that.

But I haven’t even shared what Dr. True likes to do with his patients during their breast augmentations.

Dr. True says he actually talks to his patients while they are laying on the table getting sliced up, and even sits them up on the table in a groggy haze so they can take a look at their breasts half way through and choose their size!

Do you have any idea how ‘out of it’ you are when you’ve got all of those narcotics and drugs pumping through your system? And now you’re going to make a decision that will have permanent consequences for your body?

The story doesn’t even touch upon the potential complications a doctor carelessly exposes you to by moving you up and around while operating on your breasts.

I can’t believe a doctor can legally get away with doing this in this country.

There is a tragedy just waiting to happen here. And I don’t want you to be the one who falls susceptible to it.

Heading into your breast augmentation surgery, all implant decisions should already be made. There is no reason to have to pick your size while you’re undergoing the actual surgery.

The only thing your board-certified plastic surgeon should be doing during surgery is concentrating on your safety and the skill of placing the implant properly so that he produces the beautiful results you both agreed on BEFORE the surgery!

I of course go into detail on all the decisions you should make prior to the surgery in The Boob Job Bible.

Take the time to educate yourself and do all your research so that you won’t fall prey to dangerous situations like this one, and so that you can have a safe, gentle experience that produces the gorgeous results that you want.

Please pass this message on to anyone you know considering a breast augmentation so that they’re warned. Let’s all keep one another safe.

Writer Fired For Showing Off Breast Augmentation


There has been some hot gossip making the rounds of the New York media world lately, and it involves a pair of breast implants.

Apparently, a writer at Brides magazine – which is owned by media giant Conde Nast – called a couple of long-time friends into her office, closed the door, lifted her shirt and revealed her sparkling new breast augmentation – which was neatly wrapped up in a post-surgery sports bra.

Mouths flapped, and word of the incident traveled like wild fire through the office.

And then HR came knocking on the door.

They said they would investigate the matter, and investigate they did: two days later, the editor found a pink slip on her desk.

The axed editor is livid, and has since sued Conde Nast for wrongful termination.

“It was within the confines of my office, behind closed doors. There was no nudity involved. They were personal friends who I had known for years,” she told the New York Post.

Lesson: Resist the urge to talk about or show the girls off at work. You might just end up walking the plank.

Heidi Montag Before And After Pictures

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve most likely heard the brouhaha over Heidi Montag’s before and after photos in People magazine this week.
The controversy? The 23 year-old Hills star got a jaw-dropping TEN cosmetic surgery procedures done in one day.

Here’s the grand total list:

-Mini Brow Lift (who lifts a 23 year old’s brows?)

-Botox in Forehead and Frown Area

-Nose Job Revision

-Fat Injections In Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds and Lips
-Chin Reduction
-Neck Liposuction (Now I’ve heard everything)

-Ears Pinned Back

-Breast Augmentation Revision

-Liposuction on Waist, Hips and Inner and Outer Thighs
-Buttock Augmentation

Wow. Can you imagine what that recovery must have felt like?

Most good, board-certified plastic surgeons would refuse to stack that many surgeries into one day; the additional time spent under anaesthesia increases your risk of a serious complication like blood clotting, and it’s difficult to heal properly from so many fresh surgeries at one time.

And another reality check: the “after” photo is an achievement of Photoshop flawlessness; in real life, anytime you cut into the skin – you’ll leave some type of scar. Heidi no doubt has scarring going on here that we’re not seeing.

All that said, I think I’m the only person on the planet who thinks she looks amazing in the “after” shot – except for the cartoonish breast augmentation. I’m willing to bet that Heidi is going to see some complications down the road for choosing such an exaggerated size for her naturally petite frame. She’s asking her skin and tissue to do some pretty impossible things there.

But the funny thing is – I find myself looking at the before and after of her hair style the most out of anything. That sleek blowout looks gorgeous. And you know it only took 20 minutes, a big round brush and a hair dryer to achieve..something anyone can do for free in the privacy of their own bathroom.


America’s Most Expensive NYE’s Package Includes Boobs


You know how every once in awhile, a dying restaurant comes out with an outrageous 10 pound burger or some other such instant artery-clogging dish in order to get free publicity and intrigued customers to come through the door?

It looks like desperate plastic surgeons are turning to the same measure.

New York Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg is offering the ultimate “new you” for New Year’s: Three tables at a New Year’s Eve Lady Gaga and John Legend concert, round-trip first class tickets from NYC to Miami with a choice of 5 star penthouse rooms in South Beach for a month with a chauffeured Rolls Royce, AND a pair of new breasts – as reported by Asian News International.

The boob job comes with a 24-hour care nurse and unlimited spa treatments.

The cost for all of the above?

A cool $100K.

While some (wealthy) women prefer their plastic surgery to come in pampered packages, you can’t lose sight of the fact that a breast augmentation is a serious surgery that you have to make sure you REALLY want before you even consider going there.

It’s not like a pretty dress you buy in the store; you can’t just take it off if you find that it doesn’t “fit” you quite right.

So while anyone can check out a concert, penthouse suite and ride in a Rolls Royce convertible (um, sign me up for that one!), not everyone is a candidate for breast augmentation.

If you know exactly what you want, what the risks are, what the recovery entails, and have done all your research on the best implant fit for you…then knock yourself out.

But if you none of the above applies to you, you could end up not only very disappointed – but with a bad boob job to boot.

Lesson: Do your homework first. Get beautiful boobs second.

Just When I Thought I’d Seen Everything..

You can’t make stuff like this up.
Canadian tattoo fan Lane Jensen decided that the FFF cup scantily clad cowgirl stripper tat on his calf just wasn’t outrageous enough – so he decided to give her a boob job, as reported by The Denver Westword. As in a REAL silicone boob job!
Yes, this man is now walking around with a boob job on his leg.
This of course begs the question – just WHO did Jensen find to actually implant silicone in his leg?
And unfortunately for the raunchy yet hot-bodied cowgirl, her boobs look like one big lump of lard stuck together.
And I’m thinking the Canadian boy might have to move to a hot Hollywood type climate, where he can wear shorts year-round to show off his “art.” I can’t imagine the big bump looks all that compelling with a pair of pants over it.

"Every Day" Women Get Breast Implants Too!

I was having lunch with a girl friend recently when she told me that she had just been asked to be a bridesmaid at her cousin’s Bermuda wedding.

But here’s the good part. Her cousin managed to pick out dresses in the kind of loud fucshia floral print you would wear as a costume on Halloween if you were going as an 80’s bridesmaid. And – according to my girl friend – the strapless style makes her look “flatter than a panini sandwich.” Her words.

So we had a breast-enhancing brainstorming session that included everything from Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Convertible Bras to cleavage cupcakes and bronzing in between her breasts to trick the eye into seeing more depth there. If only men knew!

And then my girl friend told me – “You’re so LUCKY – you’re just naturally blessed!”

Um, not quite..

I broke the news that I wasn’t always a D cup diva. Actually, I’m a former 34B.

“No way! But those don’t look like STRIPPER T-TS!” she shrieked a little too loudly for an intimately packed restaurant in midtown at 1pm.

No, these babies aren’t stripper boobs. And far less augmentations than you think actually are.

So many women out there want enhancement, but what holds them back is the fear that they’ll end up looking like a floozy cartoon pinup. The kind that men don’t take seriously.

The truth is, the MAJORITY of breast augmentations today are had by every day women. I’m talking teachers, lawyers, nurses, real estate agents – stay-at-home Moms.

You just don’t notice the more subtle versions because they don’t call out for your ATTENTION.

The good news: you can have control over the kind of breast augmentation you get, including a boob job that subtly fills out your clothing and makes you feel and look incredibly sexy without raising the eyebrows of co-workers, your hair stylist or your mother-in-law.

But there’s a BIG CATCH: You need to know WHO to hire as your plastic surgeon, HOW to figure out what the perfect size is for your frame, and EXACTLY WHAT to ask for.

Without these ESSENTIAL steps, you could risk ending up with the kind of supersized big breasts that are keeping you from taking the plunge in the first place.

To learn how to get the perfect sized breast augmentation for you, be sure to read Chapter 3 of my eBook, The Boob Job Bible; 10 Steps To A Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation.

If you have NO CLUE what size you want to be, I give you a step-by-step guide on how to figure out it and get it right – the first time!

And hey – you might decide that bigger IS better. Just remember that the bigger the implant, the higher the complication risk. Read Chapter 7 to learn how to dramatically reduce your complication risks, as well as what special things you need to consider if you do go bigger.

Unfortunately, I can’t help with ugly bridesmaid dresses..

The Boob Job Bible


Hasn’t every woman at some point wondered what it would be like to have a boob job?

An augmentation. A lift. Or maybe a (gasp!) reduction.

Boobs are so much a part of being a woman that it’s hard to NOT think about them, isn’t it?

Well, after years of THINKING about it – I finally took the plunge.

I got a boob job!

Best gift I’ve given myself. EVER! It’s like a TRANSFORMATION.

For the curious, these are the three most surprising facts I learned during my years of research:
-Breast implants aren’t lifetime devices. Manufacturers say those babies only last about 10-15 years. Have some women out there kept them longer? Definitely. But it’s a surgery you have to be prepared to repeat down the road if you get one. Maybe even multiple times.

-There’s two kinds of implants: saline (water) and silicone. But even the saline implant has a silicone rubber shell. So either way, you’re putting silicone inside of you.

-Your new boobs can take anywhere from 6 weeks to about six months to settle down! They start out “high” up on your chest because your muscles tighten in response to the surgery. Once the boobs “drop,” they look more naturally shaped. The dropping process sometimes even makes you gain more cup size since your muscles settle their grip on your implants. So if you want your new girls to look fab for a particular event or day, plan FAR ahead in advance!

For the ladies out there who are more curious (you did find your way to this blog didn’t you?) and maybe even think they may take the plunge one day, here’s everything you need to know.