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Victoria Silvstedt: Victim Of Breast Implant Rippling

Not surprisingly, this less-than-flattering photo of Swedish model, actress and Playboy Playmate Victoria Silvstedt has been making the internet rounds.
The blonde bombshell was vacationing in St. Barths when this shot was snapped, clearly showing rippling in the inner side of her left breast.
Rippling is a breast augmentation complication that can happen to anyone and is very difficult for plastic surgeons to predict, though decisions like choosing large implants and going over the muscle increase your chances of ending up with the issue.
It’s not painful, nor does it cause any further problems – it can just look unsightly.
And just like Victoria’s pose in this photo, patients who get rippling tend to see it when they bend over and gravity pulls at the implant at a strange angle.
The best way to prevent rippling? Stick with a moderate size and go under the muscle.
Some plastic surgeons say that rippling is a bit more common with saline than it is with silicone too.