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Breast Implants For Terrorists?


Terrorist plot: Check.

Explosive PETN: Check.

Breast Implants: Check.


Believe it.

Now that the TSA is considering a switch to full-body scanners that leave nothing to the imagination, it’s possible that would-be terrorists could conceal explosive materials in unscannable areas like breast implants, says Elan Singer in his article.

According to Singer, all a terrorist would need to set off bomb material implanted in breasts – or any other fleshy body part like thighs for that matter – is a liquid accelerant that could be injected with a pen.

The point of this hypothetical situation? Sanger is suggesting that new full-body scanner searches will just push terrorists to start implanting explosive materials within the body – making all of us even less safe with nothing to show for it other than a longer wait in security check point lines.

Who would have ever thought..?

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  • Anonymous on January 7, 2010

    I thought that was a bit of a reach but then I read his article and it’s really not so crazy!!

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