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Kush Support

An interesting product pitch involving breasts crossed my desk today.

It actually made me laugh out loud.

Created by doctors, Kush Support is a sleek plastic cylinder meant to provide breast support and comfort while you sleep.

They claim that it’s perfect for breast implants, c-cup or larger girls, side sleepers, post-op recovery, pregnancy and back pain. They also say that it prevents cleavage wrinkles — as if mother nature doesn’t give us enough to worry about on our face and necks!

I haven’t tried the tool myself, but I’m completely intrigued.

I remember when I was healing from my augmentation, sleeping on my side several weeks later still felt very uncomfortable because the new weight of my top breast pulled against gravity, and my tenderly healing skin wasn’t too happy about that.

But if you’re healing from a breast augmentation, be sure to ask your doctor for approval — as with anything else — before you give it a try.

Dare I ask what they’ll think of next?

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